List all your installed plugins

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#shell #plugins

Given that nvim users tend to have a lot of plugins, it can be useful to share plugin lists. Here is a short shell script to get a list of the repos of all plugins you have installed:

2cd "$location_of_installed_plugins" 
3grep --only-matching --no-filename --max-count=1 "http.*" ./*/.git/config | sed 's/.git$//' | sort -i

You could also pipe it to xargs open and open all GitHub repos at once (if you have the RAM for that 😉).

Alternatively, if you use lazy.nvim, you can get the same result from inside nvim with this command:

1:lua for _, v in pairs(require("lazy").plugins()) do print(v[1]) end

And here you can check out a list of all plugins I have installed, if you are interested..